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I have been a customers of Paul’s for about 7 years, with two different cars. Paul is the type of mechanic you can only hope to find. He specializes in BMW’s and is cheaper than the dealer, but just as qualified. Not only does he take care of what needs to be done, but also let’s you know about things that need to be done without being pushy.

I recently took my 7 series in for an issue with filling the gas tank. He spent countless time trying to diagnose the problem, but could not figure it out. Rather than trying to get me to pay for things that could potentially solve the problem, he said he could not figure it out and only charged me for the gas they put in the car. I would rather have a mechanic try everything they can think of and not charge me for services they are not positive will solve the problem. I ended up taking it to BMW where they isolated the problem, with Paul’s help.

Every other service I have gone to him for (regular service, breaks, oil leak, etc.) they have been solved and done at a great price. There is something to be said for someone who wants to fix the problem and not just charge you for service you do not need.

Paul’s has done everything they can to earn my business each time I go in, which I appreciate. I recommend them to everyone I know for BMW service.

Kenny S.

I want to thank you and your whole team for your expertise, integrity and skill. My goals have been to retain the excellent road feel of the E39 M5 in driving around town, while having the necessary improvements to enjoy the car on the track. Both have been achieved because of your knowledge, experience and willingness to investigate options.

Thank you for your expertise, skill, and for standing behind your work.

Bob A.

I have a 2006 BMW 650i. When the warranty ran out, I was dreading the cost of paying out-of-pocket for repairs. At the recommendation of Berli’s Body Shop (by the way – BMW of Austin recommended Berli’s body shop to me), I called Paul’s Motor Werks.

Paul is the only mechanic I ever trusted my BMW to. He does outstanding work at an extremely reasonable price. Paul was very professional, he clearly explained every issue with my vehicle, and he exceeded my expectations in quality and value. I would HIGHLY recommend him.


When I heard the dull, grinding noise coming from my Mercedes S55 I knew it was going to be something I wouldn’t be able to fix myself. I had heard from friends with S-class Merc’s that the liquid-filled motor mounts could cause noise as they aged and that they were expensive to fix through the dealership

I was expecting a $1500 service fee (an estimate from the Mercedes dealership) so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a $1100 estimate (which included a fix to a power steering pulsation sensor as well).

Paul and his team were the consummate professionals and delivered with rock-solid customer service in a timely manner. Will definitely use them again!

Kevin B.

I have been to ALL the well-known independent BMW repair shops in Austin and never have I received such amazing work at a very reasonable price. I recommend Paul’s Motor Werks without reserveration, for all your BMW repair and maintenance needs, small and large.

The quality of the work, the precesion of the repair, and the patience and understanding treatment I received places Paul’ Motor Werks at the pinnacle of BMW repair in Austin. No one does it better! I know – I’ve taken my car to all of them.

Thank you Paul!

Javier G.

We have been customers of Paul’s for years and I can’t beleve I have not written a review yet..

Honest and reliable what more do you want from your auto Docs? Paul’s specializes in BMW and Mercedes.

We took my wife’s old BMW to Paul and never had any issues with his repairs or maintenance. We now take both of our Mercs there as well. If he can save you a few bucks he will. If we ever had a minor issue Paul will step right up and make it right.

Paul R.

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